How Counselling Can Promote Authenticity

Born Authentic

"Infant’s are the embodiment of authenticity. From the onset of extrauterine life, an infant lives her experiences and expresses her needs without affectation. If she’s experiencing contractions in her stomach, she’ll respond to these sensations in a fashion that alerts the caregiver to her need for sustenance. Similarly, if she’s experiencing the sensation of coldness, an infants reactions to this discomfort can prompt the mothering one to adjust the temperature or hold the infant in her arms. Whether a sensation originates internally or externally, all of the infant’s responses are the unfiltered and authentic expressions of her organism.

As the infant begins to move and freshly explore the world around her, she relates her experiences of the configurations of sights, sounds and sensations to her innate valuing system. According to the late American psychologist Carl Rogers, this valuing process is regulated by a natural directional tendency that moves the organism towards fulfilling her potentialities. Attraction to certain objects or sensations is based on this inbuilt motivational force to both enhance and maintain the organism. Experience in accordance with the aforementioned growthful tendency is sought after, whilst experience inconosant with this organismic drive to expand and unfold is negatively estimated and therefore avoided henceforth."

Excerpt from my article published on Counselling Directory:

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